To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
To bring awareness to professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in universities 
and colleges across this nation, thereby resulting in the recognition that an “imbalance of power” perpetuates a “culture of silence” that supports this abuse.

To assure that professors and administrators in the University of Toledo’s Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science and Human Service Department, Educational Foundations and Leadership program “present[s] the language, principles, reasoning, and methodology of conducting educational research in such a way that the reader or student will be able to understand the logic of conducting educational research, read the research literature with understanding, distinguish between different types of research and how they apply, understand how research studies are designed and conducted, and design and conduct the research required in a graduate program” (Wiersma, 2000, p. xvii) and not  engage in academic bullying actions that prevent the student from producing a credible research product. 

Personally, this website is designed to :

1. Protest the academic bullying actions (abusive language, course fraud, and scientific misconduct) that I’ve alleged against
   University of Toledo professors and administrators in my pursuit of a doctoral degree.

2. Show that my academic bullying allegations against University of Toledo professors and administrators are factual by
    releasing a preview of the documents that support my allegations via this website; numerous more can be viewed
    and discussed by meeting with me.

3. Request that University of Toledo professors and administrators restore the context of my research paper (dissertation)
    to its original ntent (by removing their fraudulent data and replacing it with publishable data) in a document ready for
    submission to OhioLink and ProQuest UMI so that I can graduate from the University I’ve been attending for fourteen

4. Ask the public – anti-bullying activists; parents; elementary, secondary and college students; community leaders;
   professors and administrators; legislators; church congregations; attorneys; policy makers; and mental health
   advocates for help (see the how to help pull down): 
a) Help break the “culture of silence” so that a voice can be brought to the “imbalance of power.”
b) Help me graduate from the University of Toledo in the 2013 spring semester after working for
              eight years (of the fourteen years I’ve attended the University) on a research paper (a dissertation)
              against a systematic process of academic bullying tactics by professors and administrators so that I
              can help others who are in my position get theirs. 

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This website is dedicated to Kevin Morrissey, the managing editor of a literary journal at the University of Virginia, who committed suicide, reportedly, after his attempts to get help from a bullying situation were ignored; Phoebe Prince, a fifteen-year old student at a South Hadley Massachusetts school who took her own life after classmates constantly taunted her; Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University student, who jumped off a bridge after an intimate video of him surfaced on the internet; and Dr. Faith Edwards, a nursing professor who won a wrongful termination lawsuit against a Michigan higher education institution.  This website is especially dedicated to students who are experiencing bullying tactics in the educational environment.

Proceeds to help victims of bullying.