The 2006 450-Mile Bicycle Protest Ride

Bullies in the Ivory Tower:
An African American Woman’s Fight for Educational Justice and a Phd

    The University of Toledo

1. Protest the injustices created by the apparent dereliction of duties of some university leaders, professors and
2. Garner from university leaders, professors, and administrators the remaining steps required for me to complete
   my doctoral degree.
3. Address the apparent dereliction of duties issues for me and for all students who face similar circumstances.

BOOK SALES WILL BE USED TO FINANCE THE TRIP.  The backdrop of the story is a Sunday morning service at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend R. D. Hunt is the Pastor.  Reverend James Thomas, Pastor of Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church, helped lead the charge for educational justice on my behalf.  In the book, I used my faith to fight the system.

This bicycle protest ride is intended to start a dialogue across the country among students; parents; teachers; professors and administrators; policy makers; subject matter experts; professional, community, and health organizations; and ministers regarding a university’s role in supporting the educational goals of its students.
To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
Video Letter to Arne Duncan
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I, Agnes L. Scott, am pursuing a doctoral  degree (PhD) in Higher Education Administration at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.  However, my advisor of eight years has not responded to my repeated requests for the result of the major exam that I took in April 2006.  This seeming dereliction of duty by my advisor has occurred before, negatively impacting my career aspirations and seriously putting in jeopardy my ability to teach and to illustrate to youth, via role modeling, that one can attain anything one wants by working and studying hard.  Therefore, on Friday, November 10, 2006, I will embark upon a bicycle ride, from Nashville, Tennessee to the University of Toledo in Ohio, to present a book, Bullies in the Ivory Tower:  An African American Woman’s Fight for Educational Justice and a PhD, to Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, University President, chronicling the injustices I’ve experienced at the
University while in pursuit of a doctoral degree.  I will also request a January, 2007 meeting with him to: