Academic Bullying

Course Fraud

My Dissertation Chair, Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards, abandoned the dissertation class for which she and the Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs, Dr. Barbaranne J. Benjamin, advised me to register.  No class instruction was provided for me, none, nada.  However, I was charged for the class.  (See supporting documents – email correspondences and invoice.)

1.  Advised to register for class by dissertation chair and Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs
a) Email #1
b) Email #2         
c) Email #3

2.  Emails asking for instruction
a) Email #1
b) Email #2

3.  Dissertation chair and Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs’ responses

4.  Never received instruction, but student account billed for $1,268.00

I have been attending the University of Toledo for 14 years.  For the last 8 of the 14 years (approximately 24 semesters which includes summer semesters), my professors and administrators have held me hostage with the words:  next semester you will graduate.  I am 71 years old, a senior citizen on a fixed income.  I do not have the money to continue to pay, semester after semester, for a one hr. dissertation course.  Deferments on my student loans have escalated my account to over $150,000, because for 8 of the 14 years, I have been prevented from graduating into the ranks of a professor. My appeals to various factions for help (to investigate their deliberate attempts to prevent me from graduating) have been overshadowed by an imbalance of power, i.e., student to professor strength.  It was hard to convince anyone that my dissertation chair was derelict in her responsibilities as an agent of the University.  No one would believe a student over a professor.  No one would believe that my dissertation chair, supported by the dissertation committee, were sabotaging my pursuit of a doctoral degree, i.e., until now.  Now, someone will believe me, because these latest academic bullying tactics are more egregious than the ones before, like this one and the other two (research misconduct, and abusive language) in this section.

Research Misconduct email

Research Misconduct

Abusive Language                          
To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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