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I, Agnes L. Scott, a 71 year-old African American female, was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  Influenced by the Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s, and my mother’s, aunt’s and grandmother’s teachings that every person has worth, I am an advocate for justice.  I remember sitting in the back section of the city bus at the age of six, just past the back exit door, and as the front part of the bus became full with white patrons, being asked to stand, to give my seat to a white lady.  I wondered why, then.   I am asking the same question now, because I feel like I’m, again, sitting at the back of the bus. 

I began my fight for educational justice against the University of Toledo in November, 2006 by embarking upon a 450 mile bicycle ride from Nashville to Toledo, Ohio to protest the injustices that I was encountering at the University.  I, also presented the book I had written, chronicling those injustices, to Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, President of the University.  January, 2013, seven years later, I will continue my fight for educational justice and a PhD against professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying at the University of Toledo by engaging in a protest walk in downtown Nashville, Tennessee near the Legislative Plaza, because my Dissertation Chair, Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards, and Dr. Svetlana Beltyukova, the leading statistical analyst, deliberately fed me flawed dissertation data (scientific misconduct – in same category as plagiarism) to present at my dissertation defense, then failed me.  This type of misconduct has occurred many times during nine of the fourteen years I’ve attended the University, preventing me from receiving a doctoral degree. 

My bachelor’s degree, in Business Education, is from Tennessee State University.  My master’s degree, from the University of Northern Iowa, is in Student Personnel Services.  To graduate from The University of Toledo’s Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science and Human Service, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership program with a PhD in Higher Education Administration has been my goal since the September 1998 fall semester. Yes, I have been pursuing this degree for fourteen years, and I will not stop until justice is served, I become incapacitated, or die.

I have held positions in industry with AVCO (Nashville, TN), Ford Motor Company Glass Plants (Nashville, TN and Detroit); owned and operated private companies, Ark Electrical Supply & Services, Inc. and Ark-Ken Cable Inc (Detroit, MI); worked in government with the Tennessee Department of Personnel and Employment Security (Nashville, TN); and was employed at the University of Northern Iowa.

I have written two manuscripts chronicling academic-bullying abuses by professors and administrators that have prevented me from receiving a doctoral degree from The University of Toledo.  I presented the first manuscript, Bullies in the Ivory Tower:  An African American Woman’s fight for Educational Justice and a Phd to Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, The University of Toledo President, following a 450-mile bicycle trek, protesting the abuses, from Nashville, Tennessee to the University pointing out the abuses by professors and administrators.  I also presented a 2011 documentary titled Bullies in Ivory Towers:  An African American Woman’s Twelve and One-Half Year Fight With The University of Toledo for Educational Justice and a PhD:  If I Die Before They Wake that outlined even more academic bullying abuses, all to no avail.

I reiterate, January, 2013, I will, again, protest academic bullying actions by  the University of Toledo agents by taking to Nashville, Tennessee’s sidewalks, because these University agents have performed their most egregious act yet, scientific misconduct (in the same category with plagiarism) by deliberately feeding me flawed data to present at my dissertation defense, and then failing me.

Don’t take my word for what I’ve alleged; read the supporting narratives and documents.  Help break the “culture of silence” that the imbalance of power, professor/administrator-to-student, fuels and perpetuates (see the how you can help pull down).

To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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