Bullies In The Ivory Tower
To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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Bullies In The Ivory Tower

Indiegogo - Anti-Academic Bully Bullying Fundraising Campaign Walk

by Agnes Scott on 03/21/13

Indiegogo (a fundraising site for causes) accepted my Anti-Academic Bullying Walk fundraising campaign.  I will begin the walk from Nashville, TN to Washington, DC on Saturday, May 18 (place and time to be determined), to protest academic bullying by professors and administrators at educational institutions across this nation, and especially at the University of Toledo where course fraud, scientific misconduct, abusive language were led by Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards, my dissertation chair.  Upon arrival I will attempt to deliver a letter to President Barack Obama about the academic injustices I am experiencing at this University.  The letter will also ask the President to support anti-academic bullying legislation.  

America cannot afford to lose any of its students to bullying tactics of any kind, yet many students drop out of the education field due to such actions.  Too many students suffer in silence.  This nation needs all of its citizens in order to maintain its competitive edge. Students are afraid to speak out against powerful institutions; so they are left with no degrees, in heavy financial debt and ruined career interests.  Help me speak out against these egregious abuses for all students by walking with me to Washington, DC and donating to help fund the 665 miles trek.  The walk will take from 2 1/2 to 3 months to complete.  Please go to the Indiegogo website and search for the Anti-Academic Bullying Walk to help fund the walk.  Any amount will be appreciated.

Thanks, Agnes L. Scott, (615) 663-0646, bulliesintheivorytower.org, agneslscott@gmail.com, Request my friendship on social media outlets.

Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards Intentionally Provided Me False Research (Dissertation) Data

by Agnes Scott on 03/16/13

My Dissertation Chair, Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards, at the University of Toledo, provided me false research data (in writing).  When I told her the data was not correct, she told me that she was the lead investigator, and if I wanted to graduate, then I needed to follow her lead.  WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? Read the pull down, A Dissertation Defense Mockery, on this website for the story.  

Anti-Academic Bullying Justice Walk (from Nashville, Tn to Washington, DC

by Agnes Scott on 03/16/13

Anti-Academic Bullying Justice Walk                                                                              (Stop Professors and Administrators at the University of Toledo)

From Nashville, Tennessee to Washington, D. C. (665 miles) – May 18, 2013

On Saturday, May 18, 2013 (starting place and time to be determined), I will begin a 665 mile walk from Nashville, Tennessee to Washington, DC, to protest the academic bullying that I continue to receive from University of Toledo professors and administrators. 

Upon arriving in Washington, DC, I will deliver a letter to President Obama informing him that Dr. Jacobs, President of the University of Toledo, has allowed professors and administrators, Drs. Mary Ellen Edwards, Svetlana Beltyukova, Revathy Kumar, Penny Poplin Gosetti, in the University’s Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science and Human Service, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership program, to deprive me of my right to an education via academic bullying (course fraud, abusive language, and scientific misconduct).  

At the age of 71, I feel as though I’m reliving a part of the Civil Rights era, fighting for my right to an equal education or being relegated to sitting at the back of the bus. 

I am asking President Barack Obama and the American People to help me get the PhD I’ve been working on for 14 years at this University.  Six years ago, at the age of 65, I rode a bicycle (a 450 mile trek) from Nashville, Tennessee to Toledo, Ohio and reported to Dr. Jacobs, via book – Bullies in the Ivory Tower:  An African American Woman’s Fight for Educational Justice and a PhD I wrote, that I was encountering obstacles by professors and administrators in my pursuit of a doctoral degree.  My book chronicled those obstacles.  However, six years later and at the age of 71, I continue to be academically bullied by the same professors and administrators, and I still don’t have my degree.

The 665 mile walk will:

1.       Request President Barack Obama and the American People to help bring Dr. Jacobs and the professors and administrators who academically bullied me (via course fraud, scientific misconduct, and abusive language) to justice.


2.       Request that Dr. Jacobs direct professors and administrators who academically bullied me (via course fraud, scientific misconduct, and abusive language) to file all forms required for me to be reinstated as a student and follow through with all forms necessary for me to graduate next semester.


3.       Request that Dr. Jacobs direct professors and administrators who academically bullied me (via course fraud, scientific misconduct, and abusive language) to restore the context and content of my research paper (dissertation) to its original intent by removing their fraudulent data and replacing it with publishable date in a document ready for submission to OhioLink and ProQuest UMI so that I can graduate. 


I am asking people all over the country to literally or virtually “walk with me to get my PhD.”  Please join me in my walk against academic bullying (educational justice) from Nashville, Tennessee to the White House – Washington, DC to protest the academic bullying actions I’ve been experiencing at the hands of professors and administrators at the University of Toledo.  Walk with me for a block or a mile(s) beginning, Saturday, May 18, 2013 (starting place and time to be determined).

I am looking forward to being employed as a professor (teaching, research, and service), even at 71 years of age.  Being employed will allow me to pay off student loans of over $150,000, most of which I have incurred while attending the University of Toledo.  No one should be deprived of an education because of the capricious actions of professors and administrators.  No one is immune to being academically bullied.  Help stop the “culture of silence” that perpetuates this abuse.  Help me speak out against this abuse by: 

1.        Contacting President Barack Obama; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW; Washington, DC  20500; (202) 456-1111.  Ask for a full investigation of my allegations.


2.        Contacting Attorney General Eric Holder; Department of Justice; (202) 353-1555, (202) 514-2000; 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW; Washington, DC 20530-0000 .  Ask for a full investigation of my allegations.


3.       Contacting Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, President, the University of Toledo, UTPresident@utoledo.edu; (419) 530-2211; 2301 Bancroft, Toledo, OH  43606-3390 to request that University agents end the academic bullying actions.


4.       Signing my petition to stop faculty from academically abusing students on my official website, www.bulliesintheivorytower.org.


5.       Buying my book, Bullies in the Ivory Tower:  An African American Woman’s Fight for Educational Justice and a PhD, on my official website, www.bulliesintheivorytower.org, (e-book format available April, 2013), which helps to bring professor/administrator-to-student academic abuse out of the closet.


Thank you,


Agnes L. Scott, www.bulliesintheivorytower.org, (615) 663-0646, agneslscott@gmail.com


Sign Petition to Stop Faculty from Academically Bullying Students (located at top of website)

by Agnes Scott on 02/27/13

The 450 mile Nashville walk has been suspended and replaced with a more effective and efficient way to make President Obama and the American people aware of the academic bullying that is occurring across the country in America's educational institutions.  The academic bullying that I am experiencing at the University of Toledo is just a microcosm of what is happening to students in America's public schools.  The petition I've written requests that that an academic anti-bullying law be written to protect all students, not just those students designated under the civil rights laws as a protected class, from being academically bullied by faculty at all public educational institutions. THE PETITION:

Academic bullying is referred to as the severe, pervasive, persistent, and intentional conduct of a professor or administrator that sets up a resistive environment and sabotages a student's ability to access programs offered by a school in his or her educational pursuit.  Although academic bullying occurs in America's public education system, no federal law directly addresses it.  A study by two college professors at Indiana State University, Drs. Roberts-Pittman and MacDonald, found that "almost 15 percent [of the college students participating in the study] reported seeing a professor bully a student, while four percent [of the students] reported that they had been bullied by a professor," according to Sickling (2011, para. 10).

This petition requests that the academic anti-bullying law be written to protect all students and not just those designated under the civil rights laws as a protected class.

Academic bullying causes emotional distress (sometimes suicide), interrupted educational pursuits, family upheavals, derailed careers, forfeited incomes, and financial debt.  It also potentially undermines America's ability to remain a strong competitor in the global market.

Please help me in my efforts to raise public awareness about this issue and promote the passage of legislation to stop faculty/administrator-to-student academic bullying by signing this petition.  

Day 1, First 5 miles of 450 miles

by Agnes Scott on 02/02/13


Yesterday, 2/1/13, I walked about 5 miles.  My route took me from the 12th and Edgehill area to the West End area and back.  My sign says "University of Toledo, I won't commit suicide."  Again, people asked me what those words mean, a diverse group I might add. I explained to an Asian couple, a Caucasian professor, an African American male, and a Caucasian male that because I am being academically bullied, I won't end my mental, physical, or education life as so many other victims of bullying have done, i.e., I will continue to fight until I have no fight left.  That's what I was taught.  I have a right to an education (PhD).  I've done all they've asked.  They've dropped the ball so many times.  They know that as one person, an old African American woman, I have no voice against theirs, so it seems as though they feel they can do whatever they please, even if outside University guidelines . The African American man invited me to his church to talk about my cause. To say the least, I am grateful and will attempt to visit his church on Sunday morning. American people we must stand up for anyone who is trying to get an education.  Of course, investigate the circumstances.  That must be done in order to render a fair and just decision.  But do it.  We tell our children to stand up for what is right, but when things get hard, sometimes, we do not.  I've got to practice what I preach. I will continue to walk (around the streets of Nashville) for educational justice for me and for anyone who is being bullied. Please help me end this academic bullying stint by professors and administrators at the University of Toledo. Walk with me for educational justice.  Today, February 2, around 11:00 a.m., I will begin at 12th and Edgehill, walk the Gulch area to lower Broadway.  I'll walk approximately 5 miles a day (weather permitting) for 90 days which represents the driving distance from Nashville to the University of Toledo.  Hopefully, President Obama and the Department of Justice will send someone to investigate this miscarriage of justice.  Please join me.