Indiegogo - Anti-Academic Bully Bullying Fundraising Campaign Walk : Bullies In The Ivory Tower
To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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Indiegogo - Anti-Academic Bully Bullying Fundraising Campaign Walk

by Agnes Scott on 03/21/13

Indiegogo (a fundraising site for causes) accepted my Anti-Academic Bullying Walk fundraising campaign.  I will begin the walk from Nashville, TN to Washington, DC on Saturday, May 18 (place and time to be determined), to protest academic bullying by professors and administrators at educational institutions across this nation, and especially at the University of Toledo where course fraud, scientific misconduct, abusive language were led by Dr. Mary Ellen Edwards, my dissertation chair.  Upon arrival I will attempt to deliver a letter to President Barack Obama about the academic injustices I am experiencing at this University.  The letter will also ask the President to support anti-academic bullying legislation.  

America cannot afford to lose any of its students to bullying tactics of any kind, yet many students drop out of the education field due to such actions.  Too many students suffer in silence.  This nation needs all of its citizens in order to maintain its competitive edge. Students are afraid to speak out against powerful institutions; so they are left with no degrees, in heavy financial debt and ruined career interests.  Help me speak out against these egregious abuses for all students by walking with me to Washington, DC and donating to help fund the 665 miles trek.  The walk will take from 2 1/2 to 3 months to complete.  Please go to the Indiegogo website and search for the Anti-Academic Bullying Walk to help fund the walk.  Any amount will be appreciated.

Thanks, Agnes L. Scott, (615) 663-0646,,, Request my friendship on social media outlets.

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