Bullies In The Ivory Tower
To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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Bullies In The Ivory Tower

Walk 450 Miles with me for Academic Justice - Spring 2013 Graduation (PhD)

by Agnes Scott on 01/29/13

President Obama and the American People, I am doing a mock walk of 450 miles (distance from Nashville to Toledo) to the University of Toledo to protest the academic bullying abuses (course fraud, abusive language, and scientific misconduct) I've suffered at the hands of professors and administrators for 14 years while pursuing a doctoral degree.  The walk will be in the Nashville vicinity and will symbolize a literal walk from Nashville to Toledo, emphasizing my expectation to graduate in the May 5, 2003 spring graduation exercises with a PhD in Higher Education Administration.  My walk is:

 1.  A request to President Obama and the American people to help bring Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, University President, and the professors and administrators who've academically bullied me to be brought to justice.

 2.  A symbolic gesture to Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, University President, and professors  and administrators that I have a right to an education.

 3.  To request that professors and administrators restore the context and content of my research paper (dissertation) to its original intent by removing their fraudulent data and replacing it with publishable data in a document ready for submission to OhioLink and ProQuest UMI so that I can graduate May 5, 2014.

 4.  To request that all forms required for me to graduate on May 5, 2013 be processed. 

Please join me in a walk for educational justice.  This is a fight for my educational life.  There are 90+ days until the May 5 graduation.  I will walk an average of 5 miles (weather permitting) a day.  At the rate of 5 miles a day times 90 days, I will have completed the mock walk of 450 miles from Nashville to Toledo. I will regularly post where I intend to walk.  Please join me.

Please ask the Department of Justice @ (202) 353-1555 or (202) 514-2000 to investigate my allegations, not just by looking at the University of Toledo documents but looking at my documents also.  I need your voice.  The "culture of silence" has got to be broken, so that less forceful voices have as much resonance as the powerful ones.

Today, January 29, my first day out, I was at Legislative Plaza.  I met some wonderful people who were interested in my cause.  One of them was Gary Stoughton, a culinary artist.  I could tell he was an upstanding gentleman by his courteous, well spoken, and unintimidating manner.  He asked me what he could do to help, and he accepted my suggestions whole heartedly.  If we come together on this issue (professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying), we can bring it out of the closet.  When students suffer this kind of abuse, America can not reach its maximum potential.