Silence Gives Power Lyrics†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


I wonít commit suicide

But far too much Iíve cried. (Male vocalist, change Iíve to sheís, etc.)

Let the culture of silence

Escape the old tower

That touts the imbalance of power.


When I was a girl

No equal education

So we prayed to heaven.


Now a senior citizen

At seventy-one

Seems Iím right back

Where I started from.

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Your displaced blame tried to put me to shame. It was all you.University of

Toledo, youíve got work to do.

Release me from this antiquity.Your bullying has a hold on me.Confer upon

me a PhD, spring-----two thousand one three.


For six long months

You hid the score to my test

To cloud my motivation

I couldnít do my best.


You wrote about a gun

To someoneís head

Your intimidation

Seemed to wish me dead.


Scientific misconduct

False stuff in my paper

What made you stoop so low

To do that kind of caper?


Billed me for a course

You never showed up to teach

I say course fraud

Class was out of reach.


Need an investigation

Right away

Against academic bullying

Is what I say.


Irreparable damage

Has been done to me

But I refuse to remain


Finale (same as prelude):

I wonít commit suicide

But far too long Iíve cried.

Let the culture of silence

Escape the old tower

That touts the imbalance of power.


Additional lyrics:

Started my PhD

At fifty-five

Now Iím seventy-one

Thereís been some jive.


Hardly missed a semester

For fourteen years

Did all you asked

But graduation sears.


Why you tricked me

I donít have a clue

The data you fed me

Has got the flu.


Did you give me bad data

Just for fun

Wasnít fun for me

Nor your words about a gun.


Erased my research

About DuBoisí veil

Reconciling differences

Serves Blacks well.


Approach significance

You told me to say

On defense day

The word, approach, didnít pay.


People, if you donít believe me

I invite you to read

Plagiarismís equal

College gave me to seed.


Life, liberty and happiness

Less in my future

Affecting generations

Less ability to suture.


Student loan debt

Heavy on my back

Trying to get an education

Caused financial lack.


Iím not better off

Than four years ago

Bullies in the ivory tower

Been allowed to flow.


Have reported to many

College and gov abound

Fox guarding the hen house

Drowns out my sound.


People, people

Donít let them flee

Hear my plea

So I can get my degree.


Sound a clarion call

So they can hear my voice

Stop the culture of silence

Youíve got a choice.

Bullies in the tower

Will continue to act

And taken to task.


Present my paper to

Then confer upon me

A Phd.


For your view

A few documents

Upon your cue.




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