Dirty Little Secret
Professor/Administrator-to-Student Academic Bullying

The belief that professor and administrator behavior unbecoming to America’s institutions should not be presented in this type of forum is held by many.  Some people think that bad behavior by university agents should only be revealed within the confines of its allies, under a protective veil, in the insular world of academics.  That somehow, because of their educationally elite statuses, professor and administrator behavior is above reproach, and anything believed or discussed to the contrary, should be handled within institution walls. 

One example of such behavior unbecoming to professors and administrators is when they academically bully students. When this happens, many students feel they have nowhere to turn because of the imbalance of power. So they suffer silently while their educational aspirations get derailed, bringing havoc to them and their families’ lives.  This dirty little secret of professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying must be discussed openly.

Presently, professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying stories are handled similarly to how stories of physical and sexual abuses were handled in families, churches, and places of employment decades ago, before permission was given to discuss openly such psychologically and physically impairing acts. These academic bullying acts, which cause academic aspirations to spiral out of control, usually go through a hierarchy reporting process.  This inside system is comprised of students’ alleged abusers’ peers (where university agents protect each other via implicit and explicit walls of protection), thereby seldom benefitting students.  This intimidating insular system allows abuse to be buried in the recesses of American’s educational institutions.  

These abuses must be brought to the attention of the general public.  Students, parents, professors and administrators (those who commit the abuses and those who look the other way), ministers, community leaders, anti-bullying activists, attorneys, legislators, policy makers, mental health advocates, and subjects matter experts must become aware of the debilitating effects of academic bullying.  The entire American citizenry must have constructive conservations about this issue.  We must stop letting institutions police themselves.  First, we must acknowledge that academic abuse happens.  Secondly, causes and preventions must be discussed; and finally, we must take action to stop it.

America is attempting to maximize its competitiveness in world markets. Its educational institutions must help build its base, not deplete it.  By allowing educational institutions to police themselves, unacceptable behavior such as professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying will occur, sacrificing students in the process.  America cannot afford such atrocities. 

Please join me in bringing professor-to-student academic abuse to the forefront.  I might not be awarded a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Toledo’s Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science and Human Service, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership program due to bullying tactics (scientific misconduct, psychologically abusive language, and course fraud) by professors and administrators at this University.  Hopefully, bringing light to this issue will help other students who are suffering in silence and are afraid of the imbalance of power circumstance in which they’ve found themselves.  Don’t take my word for the academic bullying abuses I’ve alleged against University agents on this website; for proof read the supporting documents.  Click on the “how you can help” pull down.  To request more proof regarding my allegations, please call or email me.

Help break the “culture of silence” that the imbalance of power, professor/administrator-to-student, fuels and perpetuates (see the how you can help pull down).

To eliminate professor/administrator-to-student academic bullying in all higher education institutions.
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